Melanin Mic Merch came about as an extension of TJ Talk where the host sparks conversations on topics relevant to TheCulture in order to provide insight into the lives of black creatives that may make you laugh or maybe even uncomfortable but hopefully they all make you think. 
Despite the conversations we may have, you must always remember to love on somebody today, even if that somebody is you and our apparel reflects the love that we encourage within the black community.  We hope that everyone who wears our apparel shows no fear when it comes to expressing themselves while still having respect and showing love to themselves and others. Please note while our love is available for everyone, we believe the culture deserves some extra.
Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone who may see our Merch to take just a second to love on somebody today, even if that person is you, no matter what's going on in your day.

Thank you for shopping with us and if you haven’t already, LOVE ON SOMEBODY TODAY! Even if that somebody is you.
You can find new episodes of TJ Talk as we shoot them LIVE on Instagram Tuesday’s at 7pm CST via @tanaej and @melaninmic_. Also via the Melanin Mic channel on YouTube and our podcast is available on all streaming platforms. Thank you for tuning in!